Less watering in Rome with GeoPlant Aquasafe

In Rome, the sister, who has been working from home as a translator for years, and the brother, who runs IDEA Patentverwertung in Berlin, make up the family. Among them, who do you think is usually responsible for watering the not-so-small garden? In this case, brotherly help was needed. And so, during a visit to the family over the last New Year's, just in time before the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis in Italy, a 3 kg bucket of GeoPlant Aquasafe was brought along in the luggage.

Specifically, the water-loving Elephant Ear plants (1-2 meters tall) will be easier to maintain in the future thanks to the added suspension of GeoPlant Aquasafe in their root zones. As it is well known, Rome gets hotter and drier in the summer compared to Germany. And why should precious water resources seep into deeper layers of the soil if there are occasional downpours or thorough watering sessions?

The suspension is easy to prepare: Mix 2 tablespoons of GeoPlant Aquasafe (approximately 40 ml or 2 standard measuring spoons) with 1 liter of water. Then, wait for a short while until a kind of "slime" is formed, as recently described by a user from Saxony. A Berliner didn't want to be left behind and simply called it "goo." Whether slime or goo, the main thing is that the suspension then retains water and nutrients in the root zone, doesn't smell "chemical," and already contains some natural mineral nutrients, especially potassium (see the analysis certificate for GeoPlant Aquasafe Fine Granules).

The procedure is illustrated in the following short video. (The "treatment" was carried out on one of the first days of January 2020 when it was still somewhat cool. The only thing certain was/is that in Rome, especially in August, it is expected to become hot and humid again.)


While the hydrogel composite particles quickly turn into a suspension when combined with water (see video link), it is recommended to drill holes in the root area using a planting tool without sharp edges (if not done previously). This minimizes unintentional damage to the roots. If there is strong resistance from a larger root, it is advisable to try again slightly to the side.

Then fill the holes - not all the way to the top, but only about 2/3 - with the suspension and fill with some soil (without GeoPlant Aquasafe). It doesn't make sense to have a water reservoir directly at the soil surface for plants.

Please refer to the following video for further instructions:


In addition to hemp palms, lemon and orange trees, hydrangeas, papyrus, and more, there is also some bougainvillea climbing up the house wall in plant troughs, with a Madonna statue above it. The following video demonstrates the suspension application procedure for existing plantings in plant troughs, using somewhat "rustic" makeshift tools. The brother-in-law was just out to buy a planting tool and soil from a garden center. And due to the usual excellent sightseeing tours led by the brother-in-law, which are likely not the last ones after Corona, there was limited time in-between for tending to the garden and preparing it for the upcoming summer heat.


In the evening, Sara Berni & Band also performed at the family's favorite music venue (Big Mama in Trastevere). Here's a short video clip (live recording from the audience):


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