Hydrogel composite made of pre-activated organic superabsorbent, rock flour, perlite, and diatomaceous earth. Free from contaminants.


  • Long-term water storage: saves over 50% water

  • Reliably stores nutrients/fertilizers in the root zone

  • Supplies plants according to their actual needs

  • Easily and evenly mixed with soil/plant substrate

  • Secure establishment – stronger root formation

  • More abundant flowers and higher yield of fruits/vegetables (-> Examples)

  • Duration of effectiveness: 3-5 years; biodegradable*

  • Simple and economical re-dosing for long-term effectiveness

  • Fine granules or pellets. The choice is yours (-> Shop).

For rapid and secure storage of water and nutrients in the root zone of plants. (Caption that would not be translated in other language selections (other than German) in the menu above: "Without GeoPlant, a lot of water seeps away wastefully for the plants. With GeoPlant, a significant amount of water remains available in the root zone). No waterlogging! - Dry roots draw water and nutrients from the many water-retaining micro particles of the hydrogel composite in the root zone, depending on the current needs of the plants.

For more information on the biodegradation of hydrogel polymers, whether derived from fossil-based or chemically extracted renewable resources, please visit , another IDEA website. For "What is a hydrogel composite?" see above in the "Product Information" menu and/or

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